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Asbestos Garage Roof Replacement

The type of Asbestos used in domestic garage roofing is known as Chrysotile or more commonly, White Asbestos. Although White Asbestos is still classified as a hazardous material, due to very low Asbestos content it is considered to have a very low risk potential and although we always recommend due diligence when dealing with Asbestos if your roofing panels are undamaged and undisturbed the risk to your health is minimal.

Should your Asbestos garage roof have suffered any impact damage or deterioration then a little more caution is required, avoid unnecessary exposure and take care to minimise disturbance until you can have the garage roof replaced.

Non-Asbestos Garage Roof Replacement

Regardless of the type of garage roof you currently have, our maintenance free garage roofing systems can give your garage a new lease of life.

  • Cement-Fibre Garage Roofing Panels
  • Felt Garage Roofs
  • Plastic Garage Roofing Panels
  • Tiled/Slate Garage Roofs
  • EPDM Rubber Garage Roofs
  • Onduline/Bitumen Garage Roofs
  • Metal Garage Roofing Panels
  • New Garage Roof Installations

Our straightforward approach and hassle-free quotation process means that you can replace your existing garage roof with just a few simple steps and total peace of mind.

Replacing Your Old Garage Roof

Unlike garage roofs of the past, our modern garage roofing system is based on a high-grade, galvanised steel profile. These garage roofing panels replace any type of garage roof – including asbestos & cement fibre – regardless of shape or size.
Our lightweight, box profile panels protect your garage from water ingress for up to 30 years. All made possible with a plastisol coating and a DRIPSTOP™ anti-condensation membrane.

Plastisol Coated

In garage roofing, plastisol is heated, coated and then cooled to form a strong but flexible barrier.

This provides the garage roofing panel with a layer of protection against the UK’s changing weather conditions

It also ensures your garage roof is able to withstand physical damage for decades of use.


Featuring DRIPSTOP

The DRIPSTOP anti-condensation membrane works to absorb excess moisture trapped inside your garage.

Pockets inside the felt hold onto this moisture and release it back into the air in the form of normal humidity.
This stops condensation from getting out of hand and dripping onto the floor or your belongings.
Garage Roof Fascia Colours

Fascia & Guttering

We include uPVC Fascia and Guttering as part of our garage roofing systems to ensure you get the same quality and lifespan as the roofing panels.

By using low maintenance products such as uPVC you don’t need to worry about maintenance throughout the year or during the winter period,

Whether we are just replacing a Garage Roof or a complete Garage Refurbishment we always use uPVC Fascia, Cladding and Guttering.

Our Garage Roof Solution

Designed for the UK Climate

We install superior, low maintenance garage roofing systems engineered to the highest standards which will ensure the lifespan and functionality of your garage whilst improving its overall appearance.  The clear advantages and features provided by our profiled garage roofing systems means that when it comes to having your garage roof replaced, it is our only recommendation.

35+ Year Lifespan with no Maintenance Requirements

Based on the Industry Standard 0.7mm Profiled Panel

Fitted with DRIPSTOP Membrane as Standard

Available in a Range of 16 Different Colours

Comes with Manufacturer and Workmanship Guarantees

Garage Roof Conversions

There are many reasons you may consider converting your garage roof into a different style. But, if your reasoning is anything other than preferring the look of one style over another, or you are trying to match the style of neighboring garages, then the chances are, this is an expense you could probably live without.

Tackling Common Misconceptions

Converting your garage roof in most cases will not provide any additional storage space. Nor will it improve the effectiveness in clearing rainwater from your garage roof. If you are having issues with pooling water, this will be due to a defect with your existing garage roof which we would correct when installing a new system.

Increasing the Height of your Garage Roof

As a cost effective alternate to a full garage roof conversion, increasing the height of your garage roof and its substructure can provide considerable benefits. Most people consider raising the height of their garage roof if they are looking to convert their garage into a usable space such as a gym, office or workshop. It may also be worth considering if you are looking for increased storage capacity, unlike a roof conversion where you would still be limited by the bottom of the substructure, you can unlock much needed additional space by raising the height of the entire roof.

We can increase the height of your garage roof up to 2.5m, anything beyond this will require planning permission.

Tile Effect Garage Roofs

Tile effect garage roof panels provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to your garage roof by reproducing the appearance having a tiled roof whilst still maintaining the advantages and benefits of our profiled roofing system.

Avaiable Colours

  • Terracotta
  • Vandyke Brown
  • Olive Green
  • Juniper Green
  • Anthracite Grey
  • Black

Unfortunately tile effect garage roof panels are only available for Apex and Mono-pitch garage roofs.

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