Getting Your Garage Roof Replaced?

Our garage roofing systems are based on a high grade galvanised steel profiled garage roofing panel which can be used to replace any type of garage roof including Asbestos and Cement-Fibre garage roofs regardless of size or shape.  Our lightweight profiled roofing panels are robust and versatile manufactured with a Plastisol coated exterior layer combined with an anti-condensation ‘DRIPSTOP’ felt membrane which is fully adhered to the underside.

Plastisol Coated

Plastisol in simplest terms is liquid plastic, it is created by suspending PVC particles within a liquid plasticiser which when heated beyond a certain temperature can be infused, moulded or coated to serve different applications.  In garage roofing panels the Plastisol is heated, coated and then cooled to form a strong but flexible barrier which provides the garage roofing panel with an additional layer of protection from changing weather conditions whilst also increasing the roofing panels physical damage resistance.

Featuring DRIPSTOP

Garage roofing panels with DRIPSTOP anti-condensation felt membrane provide a medium for trapping moisture, the DRIPSTOP then holds the moisture until it can be released back into the air in the form of normal humidity. The membrane is resistant to ageing, increases noise reduction whilst providing an additional layer of protection for your Garage Roof.

Fascia & Guttering

We include uPVC Fascia and Guttering as part of garage roofing system to ensure you get the same quality and lifespan as the roofing panels.  By using low maintenance products such as uPVC you don’t need to worry about maintenance throughout the year or during the winter period, Whether we are just replacing a Garage Roof or a complete Garage Refurbishment we always use uPVC Fascia, Cladding, Guttering and Trims.

Designed for the UK Climate


Our Garage Roof Solution

We install superior, low maintenance garage roofing systems engineered to the highest standards which will ensure the lifespan and functionality of your garage whilst improving its overall appearance.  The clear advantages and features provided by our profiled garage roofing systems means that when it comes to having your garage roof replaced, it is our only recommendation.

35+ Year Lifespan with no maintenance requirements

Based on the industry standard 0.7mm profiled panel

Fitted with DRIPSTOP membrane as standard

Available in a range of 16 different colours

Comes with manufacturer and workmanship guarantees

Hassle-Free Asbestos Garage Roof Replacement

Our straightforward approach and hassle-free quotation process means that you can replace your Asbestos garage roof with just a few simple steps and total peace of mind.


Hassle-Free Garage Refurbishment

You can have just your garage roof replaced or a full refurbishment in just 3 simple steps.


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