Garage Roof Replacement

Transform your old or damaged garage roof with a garage roof replacement from Danmarque Garages.  We install superior, low maintenance garage roofing systems engineered to the highest standards which will ensure the lifespan and functionality of your garage whilst improving its overall appearance.

Despite popular belief the “standard” single garage or “standard” double garage doesn’t actually exist, being a modular building by design a domestic garage, especially a concrete sectional garage can have many different configurations and be made from many different materials.  In turn the type of garage roof you have and the material its made from may impact the options available and the overall cost of having your garage roof replaced.

The Perfect Garage Roofing Solution

Our garage roofing solutions feature our high grade steel profiled garage roofing panels which can be used to replace any type of garage construction regardless of size or shape.  Our lightweight profiled roofing panels are robust and versatile manufactured from Zinc/Steel with a Plastisol coated exterior layer combined with an anti-condensation ‘DRIPSTOP’ felt membrane which is fully adhered to the underside of the roofing panel.

Although we can provide other garage roofing solutions, because of the clear advantages in features and performance we always recommend roofing solutions based on profiled garage roofing panels when having your garage roof replaced.

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Felt garage roofs are predominately ‘FLAT’ Roofs, what we mean by that is they have a very low gradient and thus water does not flow freely from the garage roof and instead tends to pool, often in vulnerable areas.  Over time persistent waterpooling saturates the felt causing it become porous and retain moisture, once the moisture has penetrated it becomes trapped and begins a cycle of never ending decline where in the winter months or periods or particularly cold weather the moisture freezes causing the garage roof to crack and split.  Without maintenance this process of deterioration will continue until the saturation reaches the subbase of the garage roof which can cause extensive damage

Due to its poor characteristics and high maintenance requirements in comparison to our profiled garage roofing systems and EPDM Rubber alternatives Danmarque Garages doesn’t actually install Felt garage roofing.  In an instance where a customer has a felt garage roof we would usually recommend removing the felt garage roof completely or encapsulation as a more long term, cost effective solution.

Our NEW ‘encapsulating’ roofing system provides an efficient and cost effective procedure for all felt garage roof systems

How it works, as previously mentioned Felt garage roofs have very little fall and are really considered to be flat garage roofs, our encapsulation solution can include additional timber roof sections which are Installed on the top of the existing garage roof to create a steeper incline and allow water to flow more freely.   Once we have established a suitable incline and installed our profiled garage roofing panels you will no longer have to suffer the inadequacies of your existing felt roof. 

The remaining moisture still trapped within the encapsulation we remove by taking advantage of our garage roofing panels main feature, DRIPSTOP anti-condensation membrane which we use in conjunction with an encapsualtion method to allow your new garage roof to breathe making it completely dry and condensation free.


Featuring DRIPSTOP, Controlling Condensation

In addition to the ingress of rainwater within your garage due to failing garage roof panels, condensation is also a problem whereby drops of water form on the underside of uninsulated roofing panels, if there is a lot of condensation the drops start to fall causing damage to the contents below.

Garage roofing panels with DRIPSTOP anti-condensation felt membrane provides a medium for trapping this moisture, the DRIPSTOP holds the moisture and it is released back into the air in the form of normal humidity. The membrane is resistant to ageing, and also provides an additional layer of protection for your Garage Roof.

Plastisol Coated

Plastisol in simplest terms is liquid plastic, it is created by suspending PVC particles within a liquid plasticiser which when heated beyond a certain temperature can be infused, moulded or coated to serve different applications.  In garage roofing panels the Plastisol is heated, coated and then cooled to form a strong but flexible barrier which provides the zinc/steel profiled roofing panel with an additional layer of protection from changing weather conditions whilst also increasing the roofing panels physical damage resistance.


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What Colour Garage Roof?

Both our profiled garage roofing panels and our tile effect garage roofing panels come in over fifteen different colours ranging from the more popular colours such as Merlin Grey, Moorland Green and Vandyke Brown to the more striking Poppy Red and Solent Blue.

Increasing the Height of your Garage Roof

If your looking for increased head room or overhead storage then why not increase the height of your garage roof.  When carrying out a garage roof replacement we can make alterations such as height increases for a fraction of the cost of a full conversion.  If your having garage roof replaced and think that this may be useful in the future, ask a member of our team for more information

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