uPVC Fascia, Cladding & Guttering

Danmarque Garages only like to do a job once.  So to ensure that when we complete a Garage Roof Replacement or Garage Refurbishment project our customers have no need to bring us back in the years to come we only use High Quality, Low Maintenance Products.  Whether we are just replacing a Garage Roof or a complete Garage Refurbishment we always use uPVC Fascia, Cladding, Guttering and Trims.

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What is uPVC

PVC stands for PolyVinyl Chloride, and is a synthetic resin. The “u” in uPVC stands for unplasticised, and tends to characterise rigid PVC which is most commonly used in construction. The terms PVC and uPVC are often interchanged, but uPVC has specific characteristics which differentiate it from standard PVC. You may also find both variants referred to as plastic.

Why uPVC is Used

uPVC is used for a number of reasons, it is a highly versatile material that lends itself to a wide range of applications. uPVC is weather resistant and it does not rot, It will not erode and due to the lack of iron, iron oxide (rust) cannot form.

What uPVC Colours are Available

To compliment the colours available in our garage roofing range we offer all uPVC products in four distinct colours, White, Black, Light Oak and Mahogany. When part of a PENT garage roof replacement white fascia and Black guttering is included at no additional cost as part of the garage roofing system,

Low Maintenance

Once installed, uPVC should retain its colour throughout its lifetime. It has a smooth surface which prevents dust and dirt becoming ingrained. uPVC doesn’t need to be painted, and due to its high weather resistance it won’t need to be replaced. It is far superior to timber in terms of maintenance.

We always recommend wiping down all uPVC surfaces with warm water once every six months to keep your garage looking like new.

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uPVC Cladding

We use uPVC cladding primarily as a cosmetic product although it can also be used in some circumstances to provide additional  protection for your garage.  Like our uPVC fascia and guttering our cladding comes in a range of four colours and when applied correctly can completly transform the look of your garage. Common applications for uPVC cladding is to the central apex formations on an APEX style garage roof and to the top and sides of the main garage door.

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