Up & Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors are the most common type of garage doors installed throughout the UK.  Although up and over garage doors aren’t considered as secure or convienient as a roller garage door their extensive range of styles and colours give customers the most choice at the most affordable price.

Powder Coated Garage Doors

Cardale corrosion resistant garage doors, manufactured in Britain from premium grade galvanised steel and finished in white primer for easy finishing to the colour of your choice.

Golden Oak & Rosewood Finished Garage Doors

Cardale Up and Over garage doors are available with Golden Oak and Rosewood finishes, a smooth woodgrain that is an excellent match to the popular UPVC door and window finishes.

Fully Finished Coloured Garage Doors

These garage doors are factory finished in deep textured paint to one of twenty four classic colours, plus white.  The deep textured paint finish is incredibly durable and resistant to scuffing.

• Frame can be matched to the colour of the door, or supplied white as standard

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ABS Lightweight Garage Doors

ABS garage doors are made from a durable but flexible material providing you with a long lasting, low maintenance garage door at approximately one third weight of a standard steel garage door.  With integrated steel stiffeners to reinforce the garage door panel for added protection against forced entry, ABS garage doors offer numerous benefits for very little extra in cost.

Fully Finished Colours – factory finished in deep textured paint to one of twenty four classic colours

Woodgrain Effect – Available with Golden Oak and Rosewood finishes

Ease of Use – Lightweight material makes opening and closing effortless

Improved Resistance  – Manufactured with ABS Plastic providing  complete protection from corrosion, impacts and dents.

Low Maintenance – Low maintenance requirements with wipe clean finish