Frequently Asked Questions

How do you dispose of the Asbestos?

Due to the volume of Asbestos we handle in any given week, we have our own Asbestos consignment containers which a regularly replaced by Wheeldon Brothers Waste Ltd, A specialist waste management company.  To remove and transport Asbestos you require a Waste Carriers License, our license can be checked and verifed by entering our registration number CBDU63693 into the Enviroment Agencies waste carriers database: Enviroment Agency Register (Opens in New Window).

Do I have to pay any deposits?

With the exception specialist projects where made-to-order products are required  there are no up front payments at all.  Payment for the project is paid in full once the work has been completed.

My circumstances have changed and I need to cancel?

Don’t worry, we understand that sometimes the world likes to keep us on our toes, you can cancel your project at anytime up until 3 days prior to the project start date with no penalty, financial or otherwise.

In instances where a deposit has been made for custom or made-to-fit products, the deposit will be non-refundable if the order has already been processed.

What are your lead times?

Generally lead times are between 2-4 weeks however this can fluctuate slightly during busy periods.

How and When do I pay?

The invoice should be paid in full on the day of completion This can be done so by Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Cash or Paypal.

Do you offer any guarantee?

We offer a 10 year guarantee on all of our projects for both workmanship and materials with the exception of garage doors which have their own 5 year manufacturers warranty.

Why can you not give me a price over the phone?

If we gave customers prices without taking the time required to calculate project correctly the customer would always be quoted a lot more than they should because as a business we cannot take the risk of running projects at a loss.  The 24 hours we request to provide a quotation gives us the time to work out all the variables and give the customer the best possible price first time!

How long does the inspection usually take?

An average inspection is around 20 minutes but if after that time you still have questions, our surveyor will stay for as long as you need.

Do I have to commit to a project if I have an inspection?

Not at all, as with our quotations, our inspections come with no obligations but we do ask that you only request an attended inspection if your considering having the work done in the next few months,

What time can I expect the installation team?

All of our Installation teams aim to be on site between 7:30am and 8:30am although this can change depending on traffic.

What areas do you cover?

We are a national company covering all of mainland England, Wales and Scotland.

Do I have to empty my garage during installation?

During the inspection our surveyor will assess the work area to ensure there is enough space for our team to work safely.  Although he may determine that some items might require moving, it is extremely rare we would require you to empty the garage contents altogether.

How long does the work take to complete?

Most projects including full refurbishments are started and finished within a single day.

Do I need provide anything for the team on the day?

Not at all.  Our installation teams have everything they need and our equipment is battery operated although, we do believe they are partial to cup of tea during the autumn and winter months.

Do you deal with all the waste?

Yes, Our teams will take all the waste generated (including Asbestos material) from the project with them and clean the work area before they go.

Do you pass information to any third parties?

We understand peoples concerns over data protection, any information provided is for our use and will not be passed on to any third party companies.


Do you sub-contract the work out to local companies?


All works are carried out by our own teams, trained by us and based in our Bolton office, regardless of the location in the country.

Who do I contact if I have any problems?

Should you have any problems or questions at anytime during or after your project you can contact us using any method from our contact us page.

Do you offer finance

Unfortunately we don’t currently offer any finance options.

Do you use salesman?

Absolutely not!  Salesman work on commission which not only increases the overall cost but adds unnecessary pressure to the customer.  We pride ourselves on being a no hassle company, we work on the basis that when your ready, you’ll let us know.

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